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All You Need To Know About Tadalafil Dosage

The drug Tadalafil is used to treat the sexual issues among men such as ED and BPH. It needs to be administered under the guidance of a medical practitioner. It is essential to follow the instructions prescribed by your doctor meticulously to prevent other issues. If you happen to take this drug once in a day as per your doctor’s advice to treat the issues of BPH or ED or even for both, you need to consume it regularly to gain the maximum benefit. It is more effective if you take it regularly at the same time of the day. You should inform your doctor if your condition gets worsens or you find no improvement.


Tadalafil Dosage depends on each individual and the medical condition of the person concerned. The usual dosage is to take it once in a day orally. This dosage shall continue regularly until the doctor directs otherwise.

  • Overdose – If any patient has taken it in excess and faces serious symptoms like becoming unconscious or having trouble breathing, it is essential to call emergency service 911. You can contact the poison control unit also immediately. You should never share this medicine with other individuals as it should be consumed strictly under the guidance of the doctor.
  • Missed Dose – If you happen to undertake this drug on a regular schedule and missed it for any reason, you need to take it immediately. If this timing is close to the next dose, then it is wise to skip the missed dose. Consume the next Tadalafil Dosage as per the correct timing and avoid consuming extra medicine to make up the skipped dose.

How To Store?

You can store this drug at room temperature and should keep it away from the moisture and light. Please avoid storing it in the bathroom. It is mandatory to know that all such drugs should be kept out of reach from pets and children.

Avoid also flushing the medicines down the toilet or threw them into the drain. You need to discard this product in the most appropriate manner when it becomes expired. Please follow the instructions to dispose of the excess medicine when your treatment is completed.

Side Effects

The usual side effects of Tadalafil powder are stomach upset, headache, back pain, muscle pain, flushing, dizziness or stuffy nose. If any of these symptoms persist or increase, it is essential to consult your doctor immediately. 

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