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CCTV And The Best Solutions for the Best Security

One important criterion to take into consideration when choosing your video surveillance equipment concerns the power supply mode of your cameras. In fact, to operate, these cameras must be electrically powered and the power required varies from 12V to 220V. You must therefore ensure that you can connect these cameras to your electrical network according to the power required.

Note here that some models of IP cameras operate in PoE or Power of Ethernet and can therefore be supplied with electricity by the same cable that allows data transmission, that is to say the Ethernet cable but you will need to have a router also PoE compatible.

Cameras with or without night vision:

Always among the important elements to compare when choosing video surveillance equipment, there is the night vision function or night vision function.

Indeed, some surveillance camera models incorporate a night vision function in the sense that they are able to see and film in the dark. Generally, this function turns on automatically when the brightness decreases and becomes too low for a conventional shooting mode. The images filmed at night are then in black and white.

In most cases, the technology used is infrared technology which uses LEDs located around the lens and which is used to illuminate the scene. It is however advisable to compare the distance up to which these LEDs will be effective and which can vary from one model to another. Go for the cctv systems london there now.

Choose a single camera or a complete video surveillance kit:

The very last choice you will have to make will be to buy a single surveillance camera or a complete video surveillance kit.

There are indeed all-in-one solutions on the market, notably supplying you with one or more cameras, a recording and storage system and even the system for fixing the elements allowing you to install them yourself and at low cost.

In our opinion, these kits are ideal if you want to set up a simple security system to protect your home. They are adapted to the vast majority of situations and needs of individuals and are much simpler to implement than certain independent elements which will require installation by a professional or a specialized company.

These kits can also be offered with additional functionalities and services such as a remote monitoring service or a mobile application allowing to manage or interact with the camera (s). The prices here vary according to these criteria and according to the number of cameras offered.

Some tips for choosing the best video surveillance equipment:

To close this article, here are some tips to help you choose the right video surveillance equipment and avoid making mistakes.First of all, avoid rushing into a cheap offer which will undoubtedly disappoint you once installed and which will not be up to your expectations. For a good quality camera, you will have to count at least 150 to 200 €.


On the other hand, there is also no need to buy equipment that you will not use or an overly sophisticated system that you will not master or will not be able to install alone without the help of a professional installer which will cost you more.




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