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Check the best steps towards better cybersecurity for small businesses!

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs and managers think, small businesses are as susceptible to cyberattacks as large brands and organizations. In fact, smaller companies and startups are at a higher risk, because although they have enough digital assets, they don’t spend as much on cybersecurity as big companies. From trojan horse attack and hacking attempts, to malware, ransomware and other security threats, small businesses have a lot to worry about, and in this post, we are sharing the best steps towards better cybersecurity.

Do a risk assessment

What are the biggest threats to your organization? Before you can find the best practices, it is wise to understand the possible vulnerabilities. Hire cybersecurity experts independently, if need be, to evaluate the risks and figure out the possible solutions. Being proactive can prevent certain kinds of cyberattacks. For example, phishing attacks can be prevented by keeping a watch on links, emails and popups.

Figure out an incident response plan

How your company reacts to an incident is an aspect that matters, not just for regulatory authorities, but also to customers and third parties. An incident response plan is an absolute must, primarily for two reasons. First, it encourages employees and executives to report. They know that reporting an incident will be appreciated. Secondly, it does considerable damage control. For instance, if one of the devices is compromised and that has been detected, you can choose to isolate it first from the network and other networked devices, before further testing is done.

Train employees on cybersecurity

Employees are responsible for ensuring cybersecurity, and they need to know what they can possibly do to prevent a cyberattack. Encourage your employees to follow password protection policies, ask them to be careful about emails, attachments and malvertisements, and make them aware of the consequences. Many companies prefer to engage hire cybersecurity experts to train employees, and that’s an investment worthy of consideration.

Secure your networked devices

From using strong passwords for all networked devices, to using multifactor authentication, lockout feature and encrypting connections, there are various ways you can protect your resources. Cybersecurity is all about finding ways to fix issues and that also means updating all firmware & software on a regular basis to the latest version. Basic things, such as installing firewalls, antivirus & antimalware software can take your security measures to the next level.

Do not ignore the need for better cybersecurity. Follow the market for latest information!

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