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Choosing the Right Accessory for Your Bridal Hair

For every bride, there is a need to attain perfection for that day. Considerations would include venue, decorations, refreshments, cake and look. For any bride, some of the factors on her list would be dress, shoes, jewelry, hairstyle, makeup, manicure, and accessories.

There are different types of accessories for bridal hair. They range from tiaras, combs, pins, and vines. However, every bride needs to make the right selection of accessories to match her look on that day.

Some factors to consider while making her choice of hair accessory include:

  •       Style: Choose accessories that match your style as a person. Are you the romantic or carefree type of bride? Ensure what you pick represents who you are, so you feel completely comfortable with it on that day.
  • Dress: Another important factor to consider while picking your hair accessory is your wedding dress. A wedding dress with a lot of designs in the form of stones or embellishments would leave you with fewer options of accessories to choose from. Your selection must match the type of dress you would be wearing on that day.
  • Hair Style: Your hairstyle is also a determinant of the type of accessory you would be selecting. Once you decide on your hairstyle, it would be easy to pick an accessory that compliments the statement.
  •       Metal: What type and color of the metal is your accessory coming in? Ensure it matches the color of your dress, shoes and other accessories for the day. It also has to match the idea behind your whole look.
  •       Type: The type of accessory you intend using on that day should also be put into consideration. Do you prefer going to the combs, pins, or tiaras? What is your preference, also putting into consideration other factors such as the hairstyle you want to create? For instance, you would need a tiara if your hair would be packed up in a bun.
  • Jewelry: While selecting the hair accessory you would want on your big day, you should also consider other accessories such as the jewelry you would be wearing on that day. Put into check the colors of both, ensuring they match. Also, check the type and design. Everything should flow in perfect harmony.



  • Adjustability: Select hair accessories that are easily adjustable. This is important so if you do not like a certain angle it has been placed, you can always change it. If select otherwise, they may get broken to bent if you try adjusting them. You also may not achieve that perfect look you desire for your day.



  • Budget: Every bride would want to look extremely beautiful and gorgeous on her day, and some would not minding going overboard while spending. However, it is important the quality you get equates or is more than the cost of the item. You should check for hair accessories that match your budget, considering there are other expenses to consider for that day. You should also ensure the cost it has been placed matches the value it has.

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