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Change is an inevitable point in life. Moving into another home, adjusting to the new working area to getting to know the new people. It may be a good modification, but not all turning points in life are a blessing. Often, some metamorphosis fails, considering they are only redirected to something better than what a person hopes for.

As stated on’s ( inference, life becomes difficult when procrastinating. A person who says they will do something to divert the direction of where their life is headed but, in reality, does not do anything at all makes life harder than it already is.

Setting up a goal and planning for one’s future are all normal. It is like landing the best tactic on a tournament to claim victory. However, once all these scheduled arrangements have not been met, more depressive thoughts will only be encountered as the sole thing that runs through their mind are regret and discouragement.

Therefore, the only way to make things better is to strive and face the storm ahead since not all situations last anyway.

Nonetheless, what are the common reasons why an individual procrastinates? 

Procrastination is perceived as laziness; however, both of these are different cases. Indolence is becoming idle. There are no tasks done but only inactivity and reluctance to do something. On the other hand, procrastination is a hesitation, an indecisiveness that discourages them from doing their duty and engaging themselves in something other than their responsibility.

Based on the statistics specified by microbizmag (, there are one to five people worldwide who procrastinate every single day. In a proportion point of view, 84% out of the 100% population worldwide suffers through dilatoriness. Delaying their works and everything they have planned out for the day.

What causes dawdling?

Fear of failing is the most common reason that produces indecision. The stressful doubt that builds inside a person can become a hindrance in achieving whatever they want in life. Nonetheless, this little self-mistrust can become anxiety that will lead to depression and self-destructive thoughts.

It is acceptable to take some rest for a little while. Relaxation eases the mind from any worry. It helps the blood flows freely within and stimulates encouragement within the brain.

One thing for sure, playing outdoor game tables can be a massive benefit in relieving all the pressure on oneself. The adrenaline rush that can be felt while playing makes a person feel alive. Since they can feel the impulse of their heart rapidly beating and the sweat forming on their forehead makes them feel alive and responsible because they are doing something, they accomplish something. However, it is only a playful match. 

Apart from that, relaxing in a scenic place helps ease the mind from the city’s crowded and eventful streets. The green trees and fields, plus the fresh air, also restores the peacefulness within considering outdoor gaming tables are most seen in parks, tourist spots, hotels, bars, and even in arcades. Also, it can be played together with your family when you are on an outing.

Thus, R&R Outdoors created an infographic as a reference for all the different outdoor game tables that are impeccable for family leisure:

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