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Here’s Why Pet Owners Need Duct Cleaning More Frequently

Having pets like dogs and cats provide great benefits; studies have found out that these animals can help alleviate stress, decrease feelings of loneliness, and significantly boost your mood. But these come with a price: You’d have to hire duct cleaning services Leesburg more frequently.

How Pets Affects Indoor Air Quality

Pets are highly active creatures. As a result of their activities inside your home, they end up leaving animal dander almost everywhere.

Dander, which refers to the dead animal skin cells, are lightweight. And without you even knowing, they can be suspended in the air inside your home and get pulled by your heating and cooling system into your ducts. Over time, the accumulation of too much dander — alongside other minute debris including pet fur — can affect the quality of the very air you breathe. As a result, allergies and other skin or respiratory conditions can be developed or triggered.

However, it’s not only your and your loved ones’ health that can be affected. Your HVAC system would also have to “work harder” in order to effectively maintain the room temperature inside your home. With particle buildup hindering their efficiency, it is highly likely that your utility bills will increase.

What Can You Do

In order to avoid experiencing the abovementioned situation, you as a pet owner should be proactive. One of the things you can do is to regularly hire duct cleaning services Leesburg. Ideally, duct cleaning should be done every one to two years. But if you have more pets, this should be done more frequently.

HVAC technicians have the right equipment to thoroughly inspect your system, including air ducts. With proper assessment, they can effectively carry out the cleaning process: They will get rid of animal dander and fur, together with all the other debris and dirt that have accumulated inside your system.

As these professionals have access to the latest technology in dander control, the output of the services they offer can’t be obtained with simply purifying or filtering dust. They will also help you prevent having costly repairs in the future.

When getting their help, don’t forget to inquire about HEPA (or high-efficiency particulate air) filters. These are designed to filter 99.5% of particles suspended in your indoor air, including animal dander. You can install these filters in your air vents to prevent such particles from getting inside your ductwork. Take note that these filters should be replaced often to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Other Measures

Besides getting professional duct cleaning services Leesburg, one of the most essential things you should accomplish is to regularly give your pet a bath. When you regularly bath, groom, and de-shed them, their natural shedding as a result of their normal routine will be minimized. Subsequently, it will decrease the chances of dander and fur from accumulating in your ducts.

You also have to clean your carpets and curtains — their material and location in your house make them a magnet for dust and debris, including dander. When they’re not regularly cleaned, the buildup will also lead to health consequences.

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