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How Multi-Touch Technology Is Helping Kids Learn Through Computers

You may not have noticed anything special in using computers. In fact, you can even treat it as one of the most routine tasks in your life. You consider using your mouse or keyboard to interact with data on the screen as one of the most normal occurrences in your daily professional life. However, for most kids aged four and below, it is not exactly the same thing. Holding a mouse is not exactly one of their best points which are why several multi-touch technology applications are being developed to help kids learn and use computers.

You may have already known that toddlers and small kids are always drawn to objects with attractive colors. This is why most plastic toys for toddlers and kids have different bright colors because it has been discovered that they are attracted to these shapes and colors. Developers and programmers have also chipped in by making educational programs that would appeal to kids. This was met with little success, however, because most kids that are four years old and below do not know how to use their parents’ computers. The program could have really been successful if the kids who use it knew how to manipulate the objects and colors on their screen.

In the past, you may have noticed toddlers, and yes, small kids, try to use computers to no avail. They may be interested in using the machine to manipulate the colors and objects that they see displayed on the screen, but they cannot do so because they are unable to control mouse movements. You would see them become frustrated and then just walk away after trying so hard.

It is a good thing that multi-touch technology was conceived because it makes possible for toddlers and small kids to interact with the objects on the display screen by using their hands and fingers. This way, the child learns to use computers in an enjoyable and fulfilling manner. Computers, as a learning tool for kids, would now be more friendly and easy to use.

Take for instance an interactive computer puzzle that has a variety of shapes and colors. In a standard computer, interacting with the objects on the screen would involve the use of the mouse and keyboard to put the shapes in their proper places. Even for kids who already knew how to use the mouse and keyboard, this would be a rather arduous process for them because of the click-hold-and-drag property of the educational game. With multi-touch technology integrated into the same game, interacting with the objects on the screen would be a cinch for these kids. They now would be moving the shapes around and putting them on their proper places just like a normal puzzle set.

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