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How to Entertain Yourself During the Pandemic

You, along with much of the rest of the planet, are mostly in lockdown or some other type of quarantine, which indicates that your usual means of amusement are likely out of the table. It can get boring real fast if you can’t think of ways to be productive and entertained at home.

And as we adapt to this new circumstance, here are a few suggestions about what you should do to stay occupied aside from just binge-watching Netflix all day. 

Discover New and Old Songs

Add a “Brand New” playlist with matching music emoji beside the title in your music app. Instead of listening to your same old playlists over and over again, browse and discover new songs and add them to a new playlist. You’re guaranteed to find rare gems you’ve never heard and before you know it, you’ll have a brand new list of songs to listen to, it’s a great time killer too. 

Solve Puzzles

Now is the best opportunity to bring the unimaginable-to-solve mystery out of the neglected spot in your wardrobe. Or, take the quarantine squad on a fresh 1,000-piece mission. If you can’t keep your hands on a new puzzle — a European seller recently claimed, “Puzzles are new toilet paper”—there are loads of free digital puzzles to thrill you.

Set up a Netflix Watch Party

Whether you and your buddies or relatives have a Netflix account, you will plan a date to catch a video or series together. A downloadable Google Chrome plugin named Netflix Party syncs video playback such that you can load and pause at the same time. 

This even has a community chat option so you can keep the talk moving when you’re recording. However, anyone in the crowd needs to have a Netflix subscription, so it’s not completely free. Nevertheless you will be guaranteed tons of horror movies to keep you company. Don’t forget to share on social media and add a ghost emoji to convey to people the emotion of how frightening the movie is.

Try Stretching and Yoga

It’s natural to feel more anxious than usual throughout this period. Staying at home and being limited to your own room can be challenging. As such, starting the day off with yoga has a range of effects, such as preventing depression. Plus it will help keep you fit during a time when exercising outside is not as safe as it was before. 

Go on an Online Museum Tour

Thanks to innovations, enjoying a day in a museum is always an alternative, even though you can’t leave home. Travel and Leisure has a collection of 12 museums providing interactive tours. You should check out some of the popular destinations in the US or abroad like Tokyo, Paris, Florence, and more.

You can always get an art fix with the Google Arts and Culture iPhone and Android apps. The software lets you display paintings in AR, interpret works of art, and find a doppelganger of your favorite artwork. Don’t hesitate to see what you can discover on Google Maps if you’re in a mood to discover.

Organize your Workspace

For several individuals now unexpectedly operating from home, it’s no wonder that limited room home office solutions are in limited supply. And you deserve better than your computer on a sticky bar counter with strings snorkeling around your toes! Start by putting a designated workspace aside, even if it’s on your sofa.

Read a Positive Book

The solution to all the doom and gloom headlines you’ve heard lately? An ebook about joy, achievement, self-help, or any other optimistic topic. For example, fantasy or scientific novels are always listed! 

Ebooks are accessible in a broad range of topics, are easily interactive on the computer, and are distributed 99% free of germs, making them the best hobby for those remaining in to prevent sickness.

Writing a Journal

Lying in bed when watching Tiger King on Netflix might not seem like you’re doing a thing, but you’re living through a significant cultural experience that people can read and think about for decades to come. Keeping a diary will help you retain your history. 

Still, it will also allow you to express your thoughts during this period that continues to seem in the same period, terrifying and incredibly repetitive. You may even think about making it a journal of thanks.

Final Thoughts

You hear people say “quarantine,” You immediately hear a lengthy list of items we’re not allowed to do during these times. But you might need to think about all the possibilities this slower way of life provides. 

There are way better things to do than be depressed about this whole pandemic. You can learn a new skill or language, catch up with your loved ones, play video games until your hands hurt, or read. There’s a ton of potential things to do and you virtually won’t run out of them. 

Only note, it’s called downtime for a purpose. Don’t see this list as tension or anxiety to be constructive at every point in time, but just some ideas to help you overcome this difficult period with your sanity intact. 

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