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Hygiene Tips for Children – What Should You Watch Out For?

Brushing your teeth, changing underwear, showering regularly – poof, when it comes to personal hygiene, there are many points to work off! It’s not that easy to always pay attention to all steps here. Maybe a small checklist that you create together will help. The following points and hygiene tips for children should not be missing:

  1. Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth!

If you get up in the morning, your teeth are brushed and again in the evening. Our tip: Brush your teeth together! In this way, parents can explain how to do it correctly, and the little ones can improve it if necessary. Similar to the bacterial monsters, there are caries bastards in the teeth.

  1. The Underwear Must Be Changed Every Day!

What we adults take for granted, the little ones still have to learn. And that includes changing your underwear every day. Feel free to involve children in the hygiene process and let them bring the laundry they have worn to the laundry basket themselves or let them watch the laundry. Here you can do the smell test – because that’s how fresh laundry should smell!

  1. Correct coughing and sneezing must be learned

In addition to their hygiene, there are also some important behavior rules that the little ones have to learn. This includes, for example, appropriate sneezing and coughing. After all, the nasty bacterial monsters can also spread through this. Here, parents should know the following hygiene tips for children:

  • Use a handkerchief instead of wiping your nose on your sleeve!
  • A handkerchief is used to blow your nose – but only once, please.
  • Dispose of tissues immediately and do not leave them lying around.
  • They should make they are not close to people when they sneeze.
  • Do not forget to put sanitizing mats for children to wipe their legs to help prevent them from dirt and germs

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