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Keratin in Midtown Barbershops

Manhattan Barbers teach us every time after a summer period or relaxing at sea, the hair looks damaged. No wonder, because it is dehydrated, overdried by the scorching rays of the sun, lost its luster and ceased to be controlled. As soon as the hair has moved away from the summer “joys”, it’s immediately got into the autumn cold season and again undergo stress. The bright rays and sea water were replaced by increased or, conversely, lowered air humidity, temperature changes and wind – this can affect the health and appearance of the hair. That is why it needs the right autumn care.

Of course, hair needs restoration. For autumn care of curls, it is recommended, first of all, to use funds, based on the keratin substance. The keratin complex is remarkable in that it prevents the leaching of an important protein, a protein, which molecules are lost because of the aggressive effects of external factors on the hair scales. As a result, the hair becomes less elastic, brittle, lose its shape and strength. Negative factors in this matter can be like hair dyeing, regular a hairdryer using, and much more, which no one can do without now.

It is keratin that protects the protein – it is able to quickly replenish the content of this protein in the hair structure and restore its health. How does keratin work? It forms the finest nanopolymer coating on the hair that is invisible to the eye, which effectively protects the hair from the effects of cold temperatures, slows down the process of its structure destruction, fragility and aging.

In addition, keratin contains in its composition beloved by all cosmetologists hyaluronic acid – the main ingredient for moisturizing. As you know, hair in the fall season is more prone to dryness than ever and needs life-giving moisture. Thus, keratin provides intensive hydration of the hair, which means it restores its health and beauty.

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