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Know the marvels that lie inside the kit of novo 2 pods

The novo 2 pods come in three editions. The standard edition entails two devices and one novo, two mesh novo and a pod with no e-liquid, and 2DC Novo and 1.4MTL pod and a USB cable. It also has a user manual. The US edition has two novo devices, two mesh novo devices and the same cable and manual setup. The EU 2ml edition of the product keeps everything intact with the only addition of nicotine. It contains this highly addictive substance. Don’t forget to read the components and specifics before buying a kit.

The representative design

The novo 2 smok pods follow the design style of its original, first-generation SMOK. It retains its curved body, which provides a comfortable grip. Its mouthpiece entails a whistle shape that can perfectly fit into your lips. By all means, it certainly is the representative item of the electronic cigarette industry. As far as specifications go, the pods are in height, 24.5 mm in diameter, and 43 grams in weight. With a battery capacity of 800 mAh, its standby current is 20uA. It defines the no-load category. The input voltage is 3.3V-4.2V. The current changing capacity is 0.55A at the maximum.

More on the specifications

The overcharge voltage is 4.3V and overcharge current is 1A. It’s e-liquid capacity is around 2ml. The output wattage is 6W-25W. The charging voltage is 5V with an over discharge voltage of 2.4V. The output voltage of the pods is 3.0V-4.0V. Its primary components are mouthpiece, pod, rubber plug, LED indicator and Micro-USB port. Its sleek and compact size allows you to take it as an accompaniment anywhere and everywhere you go. Novo 2’s size of 14.5*24.5*88.3mm makes it a light and mini device. The kit is smaller and lighter than your palm and you can easily put it into your bag or pocket.

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