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Losing Weight With Life Coaches & Keto Diet

One of the biggest challenges of losing weight is staying motivated and creating the right program that will help you meet your goals in the most effective manner. While many dietitians are sought for this, in recent times people are now turning to life coaches to guide them through this transformational process.

One coach considers himself the “Keto Life Coach” because he believe in getting his clients on the Keto diet. “This diet completely changed my life” says Alex Ford, a life coach out of Denver. “I lost 85 lbs of body fat down to 11% body fat on the keto and low carb and high fat diet and gained at least 12-15 new pounds of precious lean bulk muscle for a massive best-ever strength-to-weight ratio as a senior citizen. Doing things at age that I could never have done as a lean surfer back in my teen years. Leg pressing 1200 pounds (8 rep x 4 sets), 4x sets of 40 count pushups, shrugging 300 lbs, doing 20 easy rep sets of pull-ups, lat pull downs of 280 lbs etc. on a light frame 162 lb body.  My testosterone shot up 400 points to about 800. Perfect blood work and resting heart rate of 44 BPM and super human pulse.”

As you can see from his experience, he has gone under quite the transformation which is why many coaches are beginning to think that this is the best way to help their clients lose weight. But some are concerned about the high fat content and wonder if this could negatively impact their clients. But recent studies have shown that eating too much healthy fat is not a bad thing.

“As a keto life coach, I definitely eat eggs. They are great. I try to get the best quality ones when ever I can. I actually like eggs and bacon a lot! I don’t mind them at all and they are very nutrient dense man but I wont be consuming them raw any more. I usually have eggs with runny yolk anyway if I eat them cooked  so the yolk flavor I quite like but the egg white flavor by itself is gross but I like the taste of milk so I just put some milk with it and stir it around to mix through the egg white and it kills the taste of the egg white about 90% so it’s not that bad to be honest. Also way easier to down a bunch of eggs this way, if I boiled them and tried to eat that many I would get full really fast, plus it’s less effort and I’ve read that protein from raw eggs are really quickly digested. Maybe your gut didn’t have time to adapt to it being raw and you were combining it with a typical western diet I assume, on the carnivore diet it’s legit and good way to get some variety and extra fat intake. Hell just eat eggs on carnivore in general don’t need to be raw, soft boiled is good also. I don’t get any gas on carnivore diet so no eggy gas or anything if that is even a thing.”

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