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Moose 101: Amazing Facts That You Didn’t Know About This Gorgeous Animal

This world is full of surprises, and there are many things you didn’t know existed. If you want to learn something new, this is the perfect time to learn some fantastic facts about moose.

Amazingly Huge Appetite

One of the moose facts that you may not know is that they are the largest among the Deer species, which means they have to consume a lot to sustain their body mass. A moose can eat at least 30 pounds per day in Winter since grass and leaves aren’t that abundant, but they eat at least 70 pounds per day in summer.

Their most favorite thing to eat is bark, water plants, shrubs, and some woody plants, which are abundant in most forests. While in Winter, they change their diet to small plants and tree buds, maybe because they don’t have any choice, who knows. Oh well, at least they have something to it. 

Canada & Russia Has The Largest Population Of Moose

If you’re planning to go for moose hunting, you can consider visiting Canada if it’s legal. Canada is rated to have the most moose population in the entire world. Besides Canada, there are other countries that you can also visit to have some moose viewing, such as Fennoscandia, New England, and Alaska.

Also, Russia is the second country to have the most number of moose. This means, if you couldn’t visit or go to the countries that have been mentioned above, you can go to Russia instead. But first, you also need to know that in Russia, you’ll also find some of the biggest Grizzly bears, so better prepare yourself, and be cautious all the time.

Infection Is The Worst Enemy Of A Moose

You might think since moose are big and strong, they are already immune to any infection or sickness; unfortunately, you’re wrong. With a single bite from a predator such as bears and wolves, even a healthy moose will have an infection that can kill them in less than two weeks.

Moose’s Lifespan is Shorter Than Before

Typically, a moose’s average lifespan is at 25 years, but recently, they recorded that it decreased to 10 years. The culprit is not their DNA or a disease, but it’s because of the intensive moose hunting by humans, which is very sad. If this moose hunting is not stopped soon, they might end up being listed as an endangered species.

Males Are More Targeted By Hunters Than Females

Hunters often target male moose than female moose, and that’s because of their exquisite Antler, which is a perfect house decor. Because of these bull killings, only 10% of the total population of bulls can reach the age of 5 years, while female moose or cows can live at least ten years up to 20 years.

The Plural Of A Bull or Moose Is Still Moose

It might not be essential for you, but at least you know that the plural form of moose is still moose. Never try making it “Meese” or “Moses,” or else you’ll end up embarrassing yourself in front of your friends or relatives. The next time you talk about these amazing animals, you already know what to call them in plural form.

A Female Moose or Cow Can Gain Weight Of At Least 1.5KG/Day.

Usually, a moose calf will have an in-between weight of 8kg to 15kg. After a month, they will gain at least 1.5kg per day, so they can grow close to the average moose size in just a few months. A pregnant cow’s red fur will eventually transform into brown right after two to three months, which is an exciting transformation.

Bears & Wolf Are The Worst Enemies Of Moose

If you think humans or hunters are the worst enemies of moose, you’re mistaken. The main predators of moose are grizzly bears and gray wolf, and it doesn’t matter whether they live in woodland, mountain, forest, desert, tundra, or even in a grassland.

In Alaska alone, there are at least 7,000 up to 11,000 wolves that are hunting moose. Moose aren’t the only ones that have been hunted by wolves. Wolves also target other grasses and fruit-eating mammals such as beavers, snowshoe hares, squirrels, and caribou.

Moose Are Excellent Divers

Did you know that a moose can dive up to 20 feet or 6 meters deep? Moose loves eating aquatic plants, often found at the center or bottom of lakes and rivers. Another cool thing about a moose is that it uses its nostrils to keep the water out from its nose while diving deep into the lake or river.


Moose are one of a kind animals that no other thing in this world can replace. It just shows how incredible this planet is; unfortunately, some people don’t care at all. If you want to know more fantastic moose facts, you can check; they have a wide range of facts that you will like.

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