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Planning for Summer Vacations with Muji and

Cocktail under the tiny umbrellas, sunny city walks and seaside cottages – all these things are fascinating and attract the vacationers. However, it is necessary to complete the travel arrangements, shopping and backpacks before departing from the home. knows how to prepare for the summer vacations with Muji voucher code. Vacationers who understand the value of traveling in this season should keep the Covid-19 SOP’s in mind. It is necessary to remember important precautions and shop these items for a joyous tour.

Select Covid-19 Free Destinations:

Nowadays, it is necessary to select the safe destinations rather than traditional hot spots. For example, visiting USA, UK and other European countries is no longer safe due to highest infection rates. On the other hand, remote destinations such as Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, New Zealand, and Maldives are some suitable locations to spend time without fear of infection.

Travel Safe with Proper Precautions:

Whether you are alone or with family, it is advisable to choose the safe travel options. Train is better than bus because it offers an open environment. On the other hand, wear the mask and use hand sanitizer if you are traveling with an airline. Choose the service that offers utmost protection steps. Apply the Muji voucher code even if you have to purchase an expensive travel option.

Vacation Essentials for Enjoyment:

Once you reach the destination, you may need different clothes, apparels and accessories. Here is the list of vacation essentials for a summer trip.


It is necessary for summer tours. A hat protects your head, face and eyes from the scorching sunlight. Forget the ugly bucket hats. Consider the crocodile hats, bamboo hats and similar choices. Bamboo hats are not travel friendly options due to hard stuff. Therefore, it is good to get these hats from the beaches.

One-Piece Swimsuit:

This is an obvious vacation essential for the women. one-piece swimsuit enables you easy handling and wearing on or off. Pack this swimsuit when packing the clothes for vacations. Try to keep the swimsuit in the middle or end of a backpack according to your schedule.

Waterproof Shoes:

Most travel destinations such as Maldives, Mauritius and others have a tropical environment. Rain is frequent in these areas. This is why keeping waterproof jacket and shoes is important.  Do you have a plan to visit the tropical rainforests? These are some attractive activities in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and more. Visiting rainforest is a favorite hobby of adventurous people. Keeping waterproof shoes and jackets would be a suitable decision.

Cotton Shirts:

During summer vacations, you may love to spend more time close to beaches and water pools. You will not be able to wear the brand shirts and dresses. Keep the linen or cotton shirts in order to feel the lightness. These shirts are available with Muji voucher code at the Muji store Qatar. Order the organic cotton shirts right now if you have certain skin allergies. Choose the favorite colors to match with bottoms such as jeans pants, shorts and even with briefs.

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