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Should You Use Marketing Chatbots in Business

We can all agree that AI or Artificial Intelligence reached a dramatic increase and advancement in the last few years.

 One of the best ways AI affected the industry is through the creation of chatbots that can reduce time to solve customer queries and reduce the load on customer service agents. Chatbots can even use gifs and emojis. Adding in colorful emojis is a good way for you to convey certain emotions, such as the blue heart emoji which shows a caring persona to your customers.

According to most studies, by 2020, more than 25% of customer service operations will be handled by chatbots. The best ways to learn more about customer services is by clicking here.

The main reason for that is that brands are investing and improving this particular form of experience, which is why the chatbot market will reach the billion-dollar milestone by 2025.

Since we already know that they are popular with marketers, it is vital to understand what they are and why should you implement them in the first place.

What Is Chatbot?

If we are going to use simple terms, a chatbot is a virtual assistant that can communicate with customers through text messages. You will be able to integrate it into your website, instant messengers, apps and many more.

The main idea is to help improve engagement and connection with customers without a need for manual intervention. Have in mind that chatbots act automatically when a user decides to message them.

Even though they will not remove the requirement for human customer service agents, they will reduce the workload by assessing simple queries and questions.

The main reasons why people enjoy interacting with chatbots are:


  • Entertainment – The engagement with chatbots is much more entertaining and exciting for customers than regular perspectives. At the same time, people enjoy talking with them during the tedious hours when they do not have anything to do.
  • Curiosity – Chatbots are new for people, which is why the engagement tends to spark their interest. People wish to test the abilities of chatbots and understand how they will react based on specific messages.


We can differentiate other reasons for their popularity, but in general, they have become one of the most significant automation trends of recent times. 

The facts state that chatbots reached a peak on Facebook Messenger, and today, there are more than half a million of them operating for businesses across the globe.

Why Should You Implement Chatbots to Improve Your Business?


  • They Are Always Available


Remember that it can be highly frustrating for customers to see that no one is available online to help them and assist them with queries. In these cases, chatbots are perfect because they can be available throughout the day and night and always there to help the customer in need.

At the same time, people do not like to wait for a long time to get their concerns addressed. The facts are that more than 40% of customers want immediate answers to their queries. 

By implementing a chatbot, you will be able to reach that particular point and reduce issues that will happen along the way. The main reason for that is that they are replacing other forms of customer support, such as calls and live chat, among other things.

Finally, you can reduce human factors when it comes to customer support and implement a chatbot that can operate 24/7 with the idea to solve customers’ issues, and ultimately that will help you improve overall customer satisfaction.


  • Save Money in a Long Run


Back in the day, the only way to have proper customer support was to hire people, pay their salaries each month, and have an entire team to help you along the way.

The new ways included third-party hiring companies as the form of outsourcing and paying their services as well. If you do not have a chatbot, you will need to spare a considerable amount to get the staff that will respond to customers efficiently and quickly.

As the business grows, the expenses will only rise as well. Therefore, investing in chatbots may require initial capital, but it will help you reduce recurring payments that will happen as your organization grows.

Of course, having a human customer team is essential, but chatbots can work well when it comes to simple questions queries, and finally, they can send the customer to a real support team in case something is unsolvable by a bot.

This will reduce the need for a large number of customer service agents that are operating for your brand. At the same time, you can keep the in-house team that will only solve and address problematic queries without wasting time, energy and efforts on simple ones.


  • Improve Customer Satisfaction


If you are operating a business, you have to maintain proper customer satisfaction levels. If you have customer service agents, the conversations are the ones that will affect the overall mood.

However, if they are in a good mood, they can help customers solve issues with ease. On the other hand, if an agent is not in the right attitude, they may not give a proper experience to your customers.

If you choose chatbots, you should know that all of them are bound to rules of code, which means that they will address queries based on your programming. Visit this site: and you will learn more about making chatbots with ease. 

At the same time, they will address customers in polite manners, always without thinking of human factors, and how customers react to them. That will ultimately improve customer satisfaction in general.

Finally, you will be able to create chatbots with knowledge of different languages, which may be challenging to agents and it requires you to pay more to get the more extensive staff. 

On the other hand, you can create a chatbot that will understand numerous languages without mistakes, which will also improve the quality of conversation.


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