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Smart, modern kitchen decoration tips: a practical guide

Any kitchen can be incredibly stylish and modern. From the choice of color to sophisticated kitchen accessories, there are many details that you can pay attention to have a modern kitchen. Apartments around the world have less internal spaces. Therefore, planning to create charming and functional environments comes into play. The following smart and modern kitchen design ideas prove that little space doesn’t stop you from creating a dear kitchen. To help with this task, we have prepared this post with must-see tips for having a modern kitchen.

Space planning

The first step in creating any successful environment is planning. It is necessary to carry out a detailed project, considering the characteristics of the space and the needs of the residents. A professional in the field is the ideal person to work with you during this period. It is in the planning phase that the size and arrangement of furniture, appliances, color, coatings, materials, are defined.

Quality furniture

Imagine the perfect project, with everything you need to have a modern kitchen, just the way you imagined it. Now think that doors don’t close properly and drawers lock and bend. The appliances don’t fit properly due to lack of space. Horrible, isn’t it? Investing in quality furniture is essential for a good kitchen. It is essential to think about the practicality and ease of circulation in the environment.

Diversified materials

One thing that can always enhance the beauty of a modern kitchen is the mix of materials. The contrast between rustic and modern, gloss and matte, neutral and colorful helps to enrich the environment. Here, a professional architect can also offer a great deal of help. It is possible to simulate the environment in Foyr Neo 3D software and thus have more peace of mind when choosing colors and materials.

Modern appliances

The market offers a wide variety of high quality, design and innovative home appliances. You can choose the model that best suits your taste and your kitchen project. The refrigerator is usually the most prominent item. A tip is to start with it. And the same goes for other appliances. If you want to leave mixers and blenders on display on shelves or countertops, it’s important to choose colors and finishes that integrate with your kitchen’s look.






Featured sink

The sink is one of the most important items in a kitchen and often ends up being left in the background. If you want a modern kitchen, don’t make this mistake. Invest in a good sink, according to your available space. Want even more convenience? How about a food shredder? They are able to considerably reduce the volume of organic waste disposed of.

Innovative coatings

For a long time, white tiles reigned supreme in kitchens. They’re a classic, neutral option for walls, but you don’t need to limit yourself to that option. The coating industries offer a multitude of products to make your kitchen modern and up to date. Different colors, designs of all styles, textures and reliefs are options to delight anyone. For the walls, porcelain tiles are a great choice. For floors, it is possible to find models that imitate wood, cement and stones very naturally.



















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