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The Best of A French Bulldog

A young puppy is very easily distracted. If he does something at home, clean it up if he doesn’t see it and make the place odorless. This is to prevent him from thinking that that conscious place is his “WC”. Don’t punish him, grumble at him, and ignore the incident. Make sure he stays in a place at night where an ‘accident’ won’t hurt. Getting out every 2 hours is no fun either. If you believe that he should be toilet trained at night as soon as possible, this will cost you a ‘broken’ night’s sleep. No more drinking water after 8 hours in the evening speeds up the procedure considerably.

Education and training

A Frenchie is a fairly stubborn dog, but also a dog that his owner likes to enjoy. He is quite intelligent and likes to learn things quickly. However, it is important to teach him the right behavior. He has a rather pitiful appearance, and often a French bulldog owner is tempted to admit many things to him, teaching him wrong behavior.

Very important with the Bull is being consistent. It is absolutely forbidden to tolerate a certain behavior at one time and to reject it at other times. This will confuse your French bulldog, with the result that he will no longer listen to you. Having a French Bulldog begging when you are eating is absolutely ‘not done’. Not only is this not neat and quite annoying at all, but by indulging in your dog’s begging behavior, he will also feel like he’s in a dominant position, which could eventually lead to aggressive behavior. Consequence is therefore a very important aspect in the training of the French bulldog.

  • Wrong behavior can be punished, but keep in mind never to do this in an aggressive way. You will achieve much more with a firm voice than if you yell at your French bulldog. For example, if your dog barks regularly, don’t ‘bark’ back? After all, he will think that you are going along with his behavior and consider this as a game that will make him bark even more. It is better to address him briefly with a firm voice. In this way he will feel corrected and gradually unlearn this behavior.

Another important factor in training a Frenchie dog is reward. Just as you can punish him for doing something wrong, you can always reward him for doing something right. For example, teaching a young French bulldog to walk on a leash is perfect by rewarding him with something. If he walks neatly next to you and listens to you, immediately reward him with something while walking. In this way he will learn that good behavior is rewarded. You can reward him with a dog treat, but you can also reward him by addressing him nicely or by stroking his head.

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