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Top Reasons to Take Violin Lessons

Loved by millions around the world and across time, the violin may be a small instrument, but it is one that’s capable of producing a range of beautiful melodies and sounds. But, it is not the easiest instrument for anyone to master because it has lots of technical demands, physical needs and virtuosic literature. If you are trying to decide whether to take violin lessons or not, here are some good reasons to consider:

  • It is good for the ear

As opposed to keyboard instruments, you need an impeccable ear for producing good intonation with string instruments. As you slide your fingers across the strings, the pitch of the sound tends to change. Practicing and coordinating the pitch of a note with the position of the fingers can help in developing the ear.

  • You can coordinate the whole body

When you start taking violin lessons London, you will come to realize that playing this instrument is a physically demanding activity. You need proper instruction as well as body position for producing a sound. There are different positions required and the position of your fingers, grip of your hand and placement of your neck all make a difference. Proper lessons can help you in maintaining proper breathing, posture and emotional and intellectual understanding of music.

  • The instrument is versatile

One of the best things about the violin is that this instrument can fit anywhere. You can play it as a solo instrument, in the orchestra or for chamber music. From electronic music to indie folk to rock concerts, the violin’s sound blends easily with different orchestrations and styles. Even though it first arose in the West, the violin has been welcomed into various different cultures around the world. This makes it a rewarding instrument to master, even if it requires significant discipline.

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