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Top Universities Offering MIS Programmes in the USA

The present times can be denoted as digital era as information is all-pervading and constant in every sphere of life. Harnessing this information to improve operations is what every industry looks up to. Needless to say, if information cannot be managed and used for a purpose, it is not worth a dime. Management Information System (MIS) studies people, technology and organizations. This is integrated into computers and information systems to play a vital role in implementation and administration of technology in business enterprises. 

Why is MIS important?

The very characteristics of MIS degree preclude business courses integrated with computer analysis and information systems. Thus degrees in MIS in USA are administered by business schools or universities have departments dealing in technology and science offering Masters in MIS. USA is a great place to pursue a degree in MIS and there are a host of universities offering MIS in USA

Top Universities for MIS Programmes in USA

Let us check out the top universities for MIS study in USA:

  1. University of Texas: The highly rated MBA in Information Management is offered at the McCombs School of Business, Austin which is affiliated to the university.  
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): The world famous Sloan School of Management offers the top rated Master of Science in Management Studies (MSMS). The courses are imparted at Sloan, MIT and the nearby Harvard University. 
  3. University of Minnesota: Here the coveted programme is Carlson School of Business. Its MBA with specialization in Information systems is among the best in USA. 
  4. University of Arizona: The Eller School of Management offers several avenues to the students to pursue degrees in MIS. Their Master’s degree – MS MIS is designed for working professionals with at least two years’ experience. 
  5. Carnegie Melon University: The sought after program in this university is MISM offered at Heinz College. It is a blend of business and technology which provides for the application of technology to generate business value. 
  6. University of Maryland: The Robert H Smith School offers MSIS which can be completed in nine months’ time. MIS graduates from this university are trained to lead the technology revolution.
  7. Georgia Institute of Technology: Located in the heart of Atlanta, the Scheller College of Business offers its flagship MBA with specialization in IT Management besides Managing Innovation and Technology. 
  8. Arizona State University: The MSIM at the W.P. Carey School of Business is designed for students as well as working professionals without putting their career on hold. 
  9. Stanford University: The Graduate School of Business in the university offers an MBA with specialization in Operations and Information technology. This degree is considered among the top MIS programmes in the country. 
  10. University of Texas: Located in Dallas it is home to the Naveen Jindal School of Management. It is a Mecca for students seeking a career in MIS and related fields. 

Fee Structure:

The list of top US universities for MIS studies is not exhaustive. There are equally good many universities which can be a choice destination for a degree in MIS. Each of the university named have their own fee structure and there is no uniformity. However, for academic interest and guidance it suffices to say that the fee is in the range of US$31000 per annum to US$65500 per annum. 

Career prospects of MIS Graduates:

It goes without saying that graduates in MIS are in great demand for the simple reason that they have acquired expertise in multiple disciplines. Thus with technical as well as managerial skills, a graduate is able to be a business leader.  As per reports the job market for MIS graduates in USA is rising at 15% on year to year basis. 

Bottom Line:

MIS is a developing multidisciplinary program which is highly coveted in the present digital world. What better than pursue a suitable degree for study in USA which offers the widest choice in terms of quality and versatility in universities spread across the country?  

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