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What Food Should You Prepare for a Gender Reveal Party

Essentially, especially when you are already very pregnant with your child, it’s easier to just hire a caterer northern VA team to handle all the preparations. Just because you’re hiring a team, though, doesn’t mean you should skip out on the planning itself. Work with your caterer northern VA team to come up with a gender reveal party that’s sure to fill their tummy.

Pinks and blues

First of all, no matter what you plan to include in the menu, keep the decorations relevant. Use pink and blue paper plates and hanging decorations. Make your room’s decoration go with your team girl and team boy party games. Keep everything light and fluffy. It’s easy because it’s similar to just preparing the nursery.

Everyone loves pasta

Your food does not have to be all pinks and blues. Do include two types of pasta, though. Perhaps offer carbonara and some penne marinara. You don’t have to assign each pasta to a “gender guess” but you could use some pink and blue paper plates just to guess what everyone is wishing for.

Pink and blue drink

You can play around with the drinks on offer. Keep it healthy because you do need a nutritional diet for your little one. Perhaps you can use strawberry or raspberry for team pink, and blueberry for team blue. If you want to make it more fun, you can mix juice powder with soda water but natural juices are always the first option.

Some pizza and dip sets

Not everything on your menu has to be healthy. Some treats would be nice. Think of ease in eating though because you will probably be chatting and playing games the whole time during the party. Great conversation pica-pica include pizza roll-ups and dip sets. Some carrot sticks with cheese or ranch dips would also be nice. Spice up your pizza roll up with some vegetable add on. Alfalfa is surprisingly good with thin pepperoni pizza roll-ups. Offer dips for this too.

Keep the reveal for the desserts

The real highlight of any gender reveal party menu is the dessert. You can prepare a candied fruit table. Some fruit salad shots are also a good idea. However, the real star of the show is the gender reveal centerpiece. You can either order or bake a cake on your own (of course asking the caterer to do this for you would make things so much easier.) Color the cake blue if you are expecting a boy, or pink if you are expecting a girl. Cover the whole cake with white marshmallow icing to keep the gender a secret. The moment of truth is when you cut the cake and your baby’s gender is finally revealed! You can also prepare buttercream cupcakes. Top it with pink and blue icing swirl but keep the revelation inside the cupcake. Fill the cupcake with strawberry icing or jam for a girl, or blueberry jam or icing for a boy. Have fun with it and keep your guests wondering till the very end.

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