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Why choose Black & Mild as your smoking partner?

Are you ever smoking black and mild if not then that is a great loss for you? What makes black and mild so special? There are many reasons for the above question. In this article, we are just going to discuss why black and mild so special. The slogan of this company itself is “Tastes great! Smells great”. These tobacco products are extraordinarily delicious and provide you with a good smell. Odour is a great reason for the popularity of the black and mild company.

More about Black & Mild Company

Black & Mild is produced by John Middleton Co. this tobacco company is located in Limerick, Pennsylvania. This Company sales high-quality machine or pipe tobacco which is effective for both beginners’ and experience smoke. They are one of the top-selling and sought after brands on the tobacco market. These delightful cigarillos have a comfortable plastic or wood tip for an unbreakable draw. World’s best tobacco leaves like black Cavendish with Burley and golden Virginia tobaccos are used to make black and mild tobacco.  It offers you a full-flavoured, sweet taste with a pleasant aroma. The price of Black & Mild cigars is too affordable. They can buy in single cigars, in packs of 5 \ in boxes of 25 unless noted.

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When you’re looking for a quick and tasty but cheap cigar Black and Mild’s are a bargain for your buck. These smooth and mellow machine-made treats offer a mouth-watering experience for any tobacco enthusiastic. They are available in many insanely good flavours like regular Black and Mild cigars, Black and Mild Cherry, Jazz, Gold & Mild and Casino etc…

Varieties of black and mild

  • Cigars
  • The Black & Mild cigars are available in the following varieties:
  • Black & Mild (original)
  • Apple
  • Blues
  • Casino
  • Cream
  • Filtered Tips (Black & Mild FT)
  • Jazz
  • Mild
  • Natural Wrap Wood Tip (available in select markets)
  • Royale
  • Soft Vanilla (Prince Albert)
  • Cruise
  • Rhythm
  • Cherry (Middleton’s)
  • Cherry Vanilla (Prince Albert)
  • Sweets (Launched nationally in May 2017)
  • Wine
  • Wood Tip (Original)
  • Wood Tip Jazz
  • Wood Tip Casino
  • Wood Tip Royale
  • Wood Tip Wine
  • Gold and Mild
  • Cigarillos


Black & Mild cigarillos are available in single cigars, 2-packs, 3 packs, and packs of 5. Black & Mild cigarillos are untapped, unlike the other Black & Mild cigars. Flavours are:


  • Wine
  • Casino
  • Discontinued varieties
  • Blues
  • Dark Blend
  • Classic
  • Jazz
  • Sweets


All these flavours are best for one another and give the user a different effect. But here we just refer some personal favourite Black & Mild flavour


Wood tip cigars: they were produced in the state of Miami. People who are big fans of smokes that feel smooth and easy often turn to the choices that are offered to them by this All-American brand. If you’re searching for tip cigars or wood tip cigars in general, Black & Mild is your best juice.


Black & Mild Cigarillos:  They are classic cigarillos in that they are not equipped with tips. Truly abundant flavour options are that available through Black & Mild. If you want a little bit of apple or cherry flavour, for example, you shouldn’t have a difficult time at all exploring your choices at Black & Mild. 









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