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Why Should You Buy Bitcoin VPS Hosting?

VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server, offers you the facility of hiring an entire server in a location of your choice and connecting to it using an encrypted protocol for safeguarding your information. But this is not its sole purpose – you can use it for development, hosting games, TeamSpeak servers, and so on. Configuring a Bitcoin VPS on a VPN allows you to avoid the privacy issues of a traditional paid VPN service. It gives you control over everything on the server which includes logs. You can carry out security validation and take additional measures.

The idea of bitcoin hosting is not known to many. Paying for a VPS using Bitcoin is often considered a novelty. But in reality, a crypto-focused payment system can be of use to anyone seeking identity protection or greater freedom of movement in finances.

Making a payment for a Bitcoin VPS via a service provider makes use of cryptocurrency, a payment system not under centralized control. Here each step in the process is well-established and validated. This has multiple benefits:

  1. Traditional payment systems are susceptible to failure with a single point of failure. This issue is mitigated with cryptocurrency.
  2. Banks often have cryptic “fraud prevention” policies and may not trust the source money is being sent to, causing the transaction to be declined on purpose. This can disrupt vital server uptime. On the other hand, a crypto payment is practically unstoppable once triggered.
  3. Millions of citizens in countries like Indonesia, India, Kenya and China lack bank accounts. For them traditional payment methods are not an easy option. With the option of paying for a VPS through Bitcoin, these users, who are often innovative, can get on board easily.
  4. Bitcoin is a more just system. In contrast to banks, neither is your money invested to give you a tiny percentage as a benefit and nor is your data passed on to advertisers. Your finances get stored in your cryptocurrency wallet, giving you complete control over them. 

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