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Hybrids Vs Regular Fuel Cars

Usually a great concern with cars nowadays can be its gas mileage, due to our badly hurt economy. Maybe it’s not the prices you are concerned about though, and maybe it’s the pollution in the environment. Whatever your priorities are when purchasing a car, fuel economy isn’t the only thing to consider when looking to purchase a hybrid car vs. gas car.

Most hybrid cars average between 33 and 60 miles per gallon during normal city driving, and between 36 and 68 miles per gallon with highway miles. However, hybrids come with a higher sales price than similar gas models. Some are even as much as thousand dollars higher. On the positive side, these prices are near to coming down in the near future. Hybrid car owners also get a relief in insurance payments. Some automotive carriers are now even offering as much as 5-10% off on hybrid vehicles.

Regular fueled cars are what we all have been so used to, and has become a part of our lifestyle. Up until the invention of fuel saver vehicles, it has what we loved too. Yet, hybrid cars are so new, it’s very difficult to find maintenance work if your hybrid should have a problem. However, this problem doesn’t just apply for hybrids, as cars become more computerized and advanced in technology, where mechanics will need a degree in computer science. And, as far as maintenance is concerned, most hybrid components need no regular maintenance. Of course, you’ll have to change the oil in the gas engine every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, for this aspect of cars has not changed. One advantage that hybrids have is that you won’t need to change your brake pads as often. Thanks to recent technology, hybrid brakes last a lot longer than those of regular fuel cars.

When it comes down to choosing, it all depends on which you prefer. Regular cars are cheaper, but tend to cost more to run. Hybrid cars are a lot higher in price, but are a lot easier to run. Hybrids eliminate most responsibilities, as their inventors try to make the lives of others more convenient for one another.

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