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Party Time And Celebrations: Emojis To Use

When you are having a great time at an occasion whether you’re at parties, birthdays, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, and more. Sending messages or having captions with emojis can interpret what you are feeling. 

If you want to hang out with friends and invite them through texts, sending one party emoji can be understood as a night out, you don’t even need to use your hands to send a text if you are using Bixby Voice ( Note: Some people don’t know about it and often ask  about “what is bixby”. Bixby is essentially Samsung’s take on a virtual pocket assistant. It is similar to Siri and Alexa. Bixby is a reliable virtual assistant tool that makes your mobile device a whole lot easier to use ).

In this article, you will know eight emojis that you can use whenever you are celebrating an event or having fun.

The Party Face Emoji

The party emoji face is an emoji with confetti, a party hat, and a party blower; it is used to celebrate and show that you are having a good time. Going to parties is exciting and fun, especially with friends and loved ones who are celebrating with you. 

When celebrating, choosing the appropriate emojis to use is easy, especially when you know its meanings. This emoji shows the eagerness and excitement of a person. Taking a picture and posting it on social media with a party face emoji automatically means that you are attending or having a party. 

The Clinking Beer Mugs Emoji

Two big mugs of beer clinking say it all. The clinking beer mugs emoji can be used when you send with any context that drinking beer is happening in real-life. This Beer Mugs emoji is perfect for holiday celebrations, casual hang out, beer nights with friends, bonfire chill nights, or used for Friday night gatherings. 

Sending this emoji to your friends can mean that you want to drink beer with them or go to bars or parks and chill. If you and your friends like beer more than nights of drinking wine, rum, champagne, and other hard drinks, send them this, and they’ll be at your doorstep in no time.

The Clinking Wine Glasses Emoji 

Clinking wine glasses is a more sophisticated and grand side of celebration when you compare it to the beer mugs clinking. This clinking wine glass emoji shows that you are celebrating grandly and exceptionally.

The clinking wine glass emoji can be used for anniversaries with your partner, birthdays, and more. It also serves as a symbol for achievements or congratulating someone for their successful experiences in life.

The White Birthday Cake Emoji

The birthday cake emoji is a cake with decorations of pink, white, and brown with candles on top. The candles of the big cake are purposely designed to be lit. There are different kinds of birthday cake emojis. They differ based on the number of candles that are placed on the cake. Candles range from one to five of each cupcake. 

This Birthday cake emoji symbolizes somebody’s birthday. Some people greet through social media platforms and adds cake after the greeting. This white birthday cake emoji informs everyone who reads the posts that it is his or her birthday.

The Yellow Shining Sparkles Emoji

This emoji has three sparkles, or some describe it as stars. The sparkles shine in yellow color, and this emoji is often utilized to show something or someone that is blazing, sparkling, or giving shimmer effects. It can be used for magic or to describe something that is gorgeously looking. 

The Fireworks Emoji

Fireworks in real life are used in celebrating new years or other grand celebrations. But in other cases, it shows people being surprised or happy about things they are encountering. This Fireworks emoji can be added to greetings too or denoting that you are celebrating the good in life.

The Red Balloon Emoji

An emoji of a bright red balloon with a rope hanging can also be added to any of these emojis mentioned when you are celebrating something. Balloons in real-life bring colors to a party and an attribute to several holiday gatherings. It is a self-explanatory emoji, but many people might not know that this can mean that you are having fun or being childish.

The Party Popper Emoji

This amazing party popper emoji is a colorful emoji with confetti bursting out of a yellow or gold cone. This emoji is used in real-life when having surprises and all kinds of parties and celebrations. These party popper emoji can be added next to your yellow sparkle emoji, making them congratulatory symbols.


We’ve listed eight emojis that fit quite well for occasions or parties celebrated in real-life. Learning the meaning of a single emoji and send it to your family or friends can make your greetings or texts brighter and exciting.

Whenever you are celebrating an event and you would like to share your experiences with people by composing messages or writing posts, adding emojis can make it livelier and exciting to read. Using emojis is one way to describe your experiences and success in life and they also make posts a lot more fun to read!

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