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The Right Solutions with DHA fatty Acid

When you are pregnant, you will need to make sure you keep a balanced diet. Thus, some fatty acids should not be overlooked. Among them, DHA is valuable for baby’s development. Like many nutrients, DHA plays an essential role at the time of pregnancy. Certain lipids are indeed important for the development of the fetusat the time of this period.

DHA: what is it?

DHA is a fatty acid from the omega 3 family.It is an essential constituent of cell membranes, especially our neurons.DHA (also called docosahexaenoic acid) is necessary for the proper development of the brain, especially in the fetusat the time of pregnancy. Also, according to many studies, consuming a lot of DHA at the time of pregnancy would be good for the cognitive and physical development of the child. It would thus increase the intellectual and motor development of the baby, but also his visual acuity. Finally, thanks to a good intake of DHA at the time of pregnancy, better intellectual and psychomotor performance have also been discovered in babies from the age of 11 months.

DHA: Where to find it?

As experts explains:  omega 3s and the famous DHA are mainly found in:

  • Oily fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, etc.);
  • Fish oils.

At the time of pregnancy, to have sufficient DHA levels, it is recommended:

To have a balanced and varied diet,

Eat fish twice a week, including at least one fatty fish.

Ideally, you should start monitoring your DHA intake   even before the baby is conceived. Indeed, the fetus finds its omega 3 (necessary for its development) in the fats consumed by its mother. When it is lacking, it is used in its reserves. It is therefore necessary that at the time of the constitution of these reserves, the woman has consumed DHA.

Of course, while you are pregnant:

Avoid raw fish (tuna carpaccio and other sushi) in order to avoid any risk of food contamination linked in particular to listeriosis.

Make good cook your catch (55 ° C)

Consume it quickly after purchase.

Doyou need DHA supplementation?

Today, according to the expert, women happen to be very often supplementedfor nothing. Only certain situations may require supplementation (deficiency of iron, folate or vitamin D ). In the case of DHA, consequently, a balanced diet happens to be usually sufficient to meet your needs.As the specialist reminds, also know that if your food is deficient in DHA, your baby will draw on your reserves.The objective of this work was to review the evidence currently available, in controlled and randomized clinical investigations, about the benefits of prenatal supplementation with the help of DHA on the mother and the newborn. Thus. Without any doubt usage of DHA supplementation is needed and so those websites are here to offer you the best products that you can purchase with iHerb promo code Canada.

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