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Best Character Counter Tools of 2020

When writing, it is always essential to keep track of how many characters your essay or article has. Whether you are writing on a computer or manually on pen and paper, one needs to know how many characters one has, especially when there are requirements and standards to meet. A character

Is Selling Merchant Services A Good Career?

Merchant account sale is the perfect opportunity for a business if you are looking to enter into the sales industry. This is a very profitable venture. It takes hours a strong knowledge of the industry, education, and determination. Sign contract The sales agent signs a contract with an ISO. It is registered

Your Best Role as a Credit Card Processing ISO Agent

This is a card that has information on its surface about the card number, its expiration date and the name of the card holder. These data protrude plastically above the surface i.e. when you swipe your finger over them, you feel them. The advantage of an embossed card is the

Keep calm with our top tips for investors during the COVID-19 Pandemic

During times like these, it is worth reminding ourselves that it is this uncertainty of shorter-term market outcomes that tends to deliver investors with significant returns above those of standard bank accounts. This in turn allows us to grow our purchasing power over time.  In the case of equities, this uncertainty