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How To Do A Period-Correct Car Restoration? Here are the Basics

For some people, restoring an old model car gives them a sense of fulfillment like no other. Car restoration can mean different things. One way of restoring an old model car is to fit it with period-correct Mercedes bodyparts and accessories. What is period correct car restoration For those not familiar with

Putting the Internet to Work in Your World

Depending on your professional and personal lives, you may or may not use the Internet all that often. If you are not using it much but could be benefitting from more usage, is now the time to get online more often? From improving your job to finding things to make life at

Torque vs. Horsepower Explained In Detail

The word torque and horsepower in cars may sound like jargons. However, they are important and one needs to understand these concepts. You cannot fully understand how your car performs without getting to know all about the torque and horsepower. Other than the technical meaning and implication, it is mandatory

Buy Budget-Friendly New Ram Truck!

RAM 1500 can be your first choice, if you a truck lover because of many reasons. Basically, it is the one and only truck that can meets your expectation, so get ready for it that is completely proved valuable for you. Instead of this, people tend to choose wise option,

Are Your Driving Habits Putting You and Others in Danger?

What kind of driver would you say you are? If you need to improve your safety behind the wheel, what steps can and should you take to do so? Remember, it only takes a split second or two to see your life and the lives of others change with an auto accident. So,

What are the essential works of auto repairing? 

Auto repairing is the process of repairing the vehicles; it may include the paint, denting, changing the clutch, and many more. When owe have any problem regarding any parts of the car, we go to the body shop to repair the car. Body shop means any place or garage where

Hero Splendor Plus – Top 5 reasons to buy

There is the oldest relationship between Hero and Splendor when it comes to motorcycles. Continuing with the latest technology and consumers demand, Hero also moves one step ahead with its amazing Hero Splendor Plus. With its name we can easily understand that it is a successor of Hero Splendor bike.

How Could Your Life Change with a Car Accident?

Being in a car accident can be one of the most frightening things you will ever deal with in your lifetime. That said there are some things you can take away from such an unfortunate experience. While your physical well-being will always be tops, what are some things to learn from an

2009 BMW 335i Coupe Performance Road Test

Audi A5 Leasing calls their coupes, "elegant expressions of individual style and passion, and most automotive enthusiasts would probably agree. Completely redesigned for 2007, today's 3-Series coupe has been renamed the 335i. The crown of the coupe lineup is the 335i xDrive with all-wheel drive and a 300-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter

How to Install Vehicle Struts

Installing new struts on a vehicle is a simple task, even for those who don't have any technical or automotive experience. However, it is a task that can be quite time-consuming for anyone who has not done this particular chore before. To start, loosen the lug nuts and support the vehicle