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All the Aspects for the combination garden room Waiting for You

Here is what to prepare your combination garden room project. You will soon be able to store your garden maintenance equipment mower, hedge trimmer, gardening tools but also the table, the chairs, the barbecue, the garden deckchairs during bad weather.

Combination garden room

No matter how large and spacious the garage is, is it always crowded? It is normal, if you do not have a combination garden room. It’s a classic: when you build your house you never think it is big enough and storing DIY and gardening equipment can quickly become problematic. Like everyone, you equip yourself as you go and you have to be able to store everything somewhere.

Is installing a click here more than urgent? Discover the right questions to ask yourself, the choice of material, the size to be defined and the arrangements to be made according to the level of comfort desired. What are the administrative procedures to be done depending on the size of the future combination garden room? Is it necessary to pour a concrete slab for the installation of the combination garden room? What will be the impact on the amount of the development tax?

Which combination garden room would suit you best? 5 questions to ask yourself

Your garage is no longer used for parking the car, because there is insufficient space. Suddenly, it’s your vehicle that pays the price, since it stays outside whether it is sunny, snowing, hailing or raining. Certain parts of your car or motorcycle degrade more quickly by remaining exposed to the elements windshield wipers, seals, but also the engine.

You have to settle this quickly, because not only do the 2 and 4 wheels sleep outside, but you start to no longer be able to circulate in your garage. Some gardening tools are found in unusual places, in the interior cupboards, lack of space not great.

With a combination garden room, everything is finally in place.  You will finally be able to return your car to the garage, move around without taking precautions so as not to fall because of the mower and the edger which have no defined place.

Why not go even further and finally create the place you have wanted for many years? A well-equipped combination garden roomis good to store all your tools, but also a workshop for tinkering quietly, with lighting, electricity and why not, running water and auxiliary heating? You design your project as you wish and now you have to decide whether you want a simple combination garden room to store gardening equipment or a comfortable combination garden room. To avoid the risk of subsidence, use a mason to pour the concrete slab.

What is the use of this combination garden room? What need?

First of all, the shelter will have to be adapted to your needs. Indeed, you don’t have to start small to realize that your shelter cannot contain everything. Also think about the size of your lot. If it is not very large, a combination garden room of 15 m2 may take up space.

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