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How To Do A Period-Correct Car Restoration? Here are the Basics

For some people, restoring an old model car gives them a sense of fulfillment like no other. Car restoration can mean different things. One way of restoring an old model car is to fit it with period-correct Mercedes bodyparts and accessories.

What is period correct car restoration

For those not familiar with restoring cars, period-correct restoration means the Mercedes bodyparts you fitted in your old car were made in the same era or when your car was released. This is to give the rider a sense of how it would have felt inside the car many years ago, which can mean vastly different experiences depending on the rider.

Older passengers can feel a sense of nostalgia seeing and using items that were once familiar to them, while younger passengers can have an entirely new feeling seeing these Mercedes bodyparts possibly for the first time in their lives. Just imagine a 20-year-old trying to operate a cassette deck on a car. Gen X people will feel at home, but younger people may feel pleasantly surprised.

The purpose of period-correct car restoration

Scouring for Mercedes bodyparts to do period-correct restoration is simply a hobby for some people. For others, tracking down a specific part enables them to maintain a car’s purity at a certain level.

There are also some people who restore vehicles this way with the aim of selling them to car collectors.

How to do period-correct restoration for cars

Admittedly, the older and rarer your car is, the harder and more expensive it will be to track down period-correct Mercedes bodyparts. However, the payoff of maintaining a car with an original feel offsets the effort you exerted in getting the parts.

When you have an old car, it may or may not be necessary to restore all the parts. Sometimes, you get your hands on a vehicle in tip top condition, in which case you simply have to clean and maintain it to keep it that way.

There are some vehicles that will have broken parts that need to be replaced in order for you to be able to use them on the road. In certain cases, it’s worth getting period correct Mercedes bodyparts to maintain the car’s overall look and enjoy a good ride.

Hub caps

Getting the correct wheel covers can greatly affect the overall look of your car. If you’re on a budget and plan on doing the restoration bit by bit, hub caps are a good way to start

Car emblem

It’s common for badges on a car to get damaged through the years. Restoring the emblem and the badge not only makes your car look complete, it’s literally making sure your car has the proper name.

Convertible tops

To get the proper feel of an old convertible, you need to be able to experience what it’s like with the top down and everything. Online, you can find period Mercedes bodyparts for hardtopsand canvas roofs.

Grill assembly

‘ Having the right era grill can also give your car a very different look and feel. Because of its placement, it’s literally one of the first things people will see. Having a different grill makes the car feel mismatched and wrong, and by getting the right era grill assembly, your car’s “face” is given a proper makeover.

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