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Famous casino losses

As well as some great winnings, the casino scene has seen some huge losses that have been recorded in history. Although the idea for almost all of those who play live casino bonus games is to win, the chances are that when playing, you are going to see some serious losses too. So, let us have a look around to see what we can find when it comes to famous casino losses.

Archie Karas ($40 Million)

This Greek American gambler made history in 1992. Starting off well, Archie won 40 million dollars on a high-level poker game. However, he was quick to keep on gambling and managed to lose it all playing craps and baccarat after his original win. This shows how it is important to stop playing once you have won as it can easily be lost after.

Pete McMartin ($4000 every month)

From Vancouver, Canada this female player started from a small $25 dollar win from a slot machine and from there she was addicted. She would frequently visit casino’s and gamble her entire pay! This is a great example of how gambling can easily become addictive and you can slide out of control regarding the amount of money you are spending.

Charley Burkley ($14 Million)

Charles was a professional NBA All-star player who lost all his earnings gambling. He came out to say that he lost $2.5 million in a single blackjack game. Charles was suffering from a serious addiction although he did not consider himself to have a problem as his bankroll managed to cover his loses.

Maureen O’Connor ( $1 Billion)

There was little known about Maureen’s gambling problem until 2013 where she was charged with fraud. It was shared knowledge that she lost $1 billion in numerous casinos. Maureen was the mayor of San Diego and this shows how gambling can be a nasty habit for all kinds of people.

Terry Watanabe ($205 Million)

Terry was a well-known gambler in America who managed to lose $205 million in one year. With the problem evolving around blackjack games, he could gamble up to $5 million a day. This shows how despite already having a large amount of money, gambling can easily become addictive and even Terry was not able to stop himself when he was in the green.

Final Thoughts on famous casino losses.

It is scary to think about the amount of money that people have lost when gambling in casinos. These famous figures will remain in history as some of the worst losses of all time and we are sure they regret their actions currently. Nobody wants to go out of pocket when gambling, so if you are thinking of getting involved, make sure to set yourself a budget and time limit.

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