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Herbal Medicines and the perfect Choices

Herb raw materials are experiencing a renaissance. We are witnessing the revival of many old methods in the treatment of diseases and the rediscovery of ancient herbal raw materials of course in accordance with modern medicine and scientific knowledge. With the iherb coupons for returning customers you can have the best options now.

The Coming Days

In the near future, science will provide further revelations about new drug sources in old plants. Of the more than 400,000 species of plants known on earth, about 40,000 species are considered medicinal, and only a few thousand, or 1-1.5%, can be considered more thoroughly studied. 25 raw materials play a key role in European phytotherapy.

  • Nine of them belong to the most intensively studied pharmacologically and clinically medicinal plants. They are on the list of plant medicines whose therapeutic effectiveness according to the current state of knowledge has been confirmed by controlled studies and well documented reports from medical experiments.

The gradual, though not as fast as in the case of chemotherapeutics, deepening knowledge about the chemistry and action of many herbal medicines and their standardization caused their renewed interest. An important manifestation of this was the increase in the number of publications on phytochemical studies and related pharmacological studies. 

The Results

The result of this interest was the introduction of many new drugs containing biologically active compounds newly discovered in plants, such as esculin, silymarin, ajoen, boldyna, vinblastine, hypericin, cynarin, ginkgolides, lectins, saponosides, glucans and other polysaccharides.

  • Analyzing the sales of herbal preparations, the conclusion is that in the future plant cardiac, circulatory, antiatherosclerotic, adaptogenic as well as plant-derived drugs intended for use in gastrointestinal ailments may have fundamental economic significance.
  • In many of the aforementioned cases, the effectiveness of scientifically verified plants previously known from folk medicine proved to be effective. These include, in addition to garlic, St. John’s wort, ginkgo, chamomile and kava-kava also: ginger, echinacea, artichokes, sabal palm and ginseng.

Rising herbal “stars” include: Chinese Schisandra (a stimulant of the immune system), Asian pennywort (to improve brain cell function), guarana (an immunostimulant), liposocialtragate (cardiotonic), sunflower (sugar metabolism agent), as well as bilberry (visual impairment) and bedbug (recommended for menopause). When it comes to the промо код для iherb  you can have the best solutions.

Herbs and their preparations used in therapy enjoy great and ever-growing recognition in the world. In the first half of 2000, in the European Community, Germany had the highest turnover in OTC medicines of plant origin.

The bestselling group in the world is a group of herbal cough suppressants and cold medicines (growth is around 5% per year), with a turnover of around USD 6.5 billion. In second place are painkillers with around five billion dollars, followed by vitamins, minerals and food additives with a turnover of 4.7 billion dollars. The fourth and fifth place are occupied by gastrointestinal drugs and dermatological agents.


The in vivo effects of the preparations of the last of these plants, which have been used for a long time in menopause disorders, have been studied, among others, by changes in body temperature and length of ketamine-induced sleep in castrated female rats. There are more and more preparations successfully used in the gynecological endocrinology on the European market based on active extracts of black bed rhizomes. 

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