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SEO is an Investment in Your Company’s Future


How do you get a higher return on your investment in your company website?  The answer might not seem intuitive at first but read on.  To get a bigger return on your website investment, the answer is, spend more!  What? Yes, you read that right. Spend more on your website. Not spending for the sake of spending but spend strategically on services that will give your website visibility.

You need to remember that you need to have a good mixture of great marketing campaigns, and good SEO plan to make sure your product or brand soars. However, it is always healthy to remember that quality content is one of the keys to attaining good results for your campaigns. You need to write great and useful content which is not too short nor too long. This is why it is always best to use a character counter to quickly determine the exact number of characters on your marketing material before actually using it.

A successful online marketing campaign has two main components: 1) a great website and 2) getting that website found by internet search engines.  Having an awesome website is not worth much if nobody can find it. How can your website be found ahead of others in Google search results?  

The sites that are on page 1 in search engine result pages did not get there by accident.  And sites do not automatically appear in Google on page 1 just because they are created. So how did they get there?  It happens through a process called Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO.

Google has complex, proprietary algorithms that determine where each site falls in the search engine result pages.   SEO is the process which convinces the search algorithm to rank one site higher than another for a set of keywords. Google looks at many aspects related to a website like being mobile-friendly, load time, text to image ratio, and others.  Two of the other main considerations in search engine ranking are content and backlinks.

Google rewards a site with higher rankings if there is regular, fresh, high-quality, relevant content on a website.  Google also looks at which other sites are linking back to a website. Who has time to create all this content? Who can work on getting high-quality sites to link to your website while you are busy running your business?

Your small business can partner with a NJ SEO company that can keep adding quality content to your website and also get the high-quality links that will help the  website rank well in Google search.

Being on Google’s page 1 can transform your business.  To learn how SEO can be an investment in your company’s future, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.



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