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Terms used in online slots that every player should know

Introduction to Online slots

You would have played slot machine games in physical casinos in your locality. The advent of the world wide web has made it easy to play your favorite slot machine games online through various websites. Several online gambling websites offer a different set of games to wager. Some sites will provide specialized slot machine game sets like slotxo. You can easily find them online and play with your laptop or a mobile with an internet connection. Slot machine games are the easiest games to play in the casino industry. You need not have any skill to play them. The process is as simple as selecting a combination of symbols and pressing the spin button. Physical slot machines will have a reel machine that will start spinning when operated with a lever. Online slot machines will have the reels displayed on your screen with a spin option. Once the reels stop rotating, the pay line will fall over any combination of symbols. If the combination what you guessed before, you will win the game. There are three types of slot machine games as below,

  • Reel slots – single pay line
  • Video slots – Minimum of nine pay lines
  • Progressive slots

It is necessary to know some terms used in the gameplay of online slots. In this article, let us discuss some of these terms and their definition.

Terms used in online slots to know

Progressive slots – These are the ordinary slot games with the addition of expanding jackpots. In the casino houses that offer progressive slots, all the slot machines will be connected. Every time a player joins in a slot machine with a bet, a part of it will go to the jackpot. The player who wins the game at any of the machines will take the entire prize money.

Classic slots – Three-reel slots are named as classic slots since they were the initial members in the slot machine world. All the slot machine games in the beginning stages were three-reeled.

Coin size – Coin size is the fixed amount of cash that a player should pay to play in a slot machine. Besides, he should pay per pay line he chooses during the game.

Slot theme – Every video slot game will be based on a particular theme. The symbols, characters, sounds, and animations will all stick to and reflect the elements of the setup. These themes can be anything like movie storylines, characters, comic images, adventures, space elements, etc.

Return to player – RTP stands for Return to Player, and it is the percentage of the amount of the wagered money that a player can take back by playing the slot machine for the long term. Mostly, the return to the player will be around 93 to 96 percent in every slot machine game. The player should choose a game that has a higher RTP. An RTP is the opposite of the house edge that is an advantage for the casino house.

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